Saturday, January 18, 2014

Small Floral, Daily Painting, "Pink Power" by Carol Schiff 5x7" Oil SOLD

This is a small floral is a commissioned piece that went to Australia.  It's always fun to think about my art hanging on walls around the world.  You just gotta love the internet!

My customer had seen a larger painting of mine that was very similar to this one.  She contacted me and asked me to paint this hibiscus for her in a small size.  I was happy to help her out.

FUN FACTS.  Did you know.......Zebras coats are just black...their undercoats have white stripes!  Strange but, true.

It's in the thirties as I write this.(I actually wrote this on 1/07/14)  I know, I know, you are at 50 below, but this is FLORIDA!  Fortunately for us, we only have one day of weather in the 50's and tomorrow they are forecasting 70's with 80's by the end of the week.  No wonder, Florida is now the third largest state in population!

I hope you enjoyed this small floral.  Thank you for viewing my blog today.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Flower Painting, "Geranium Joy" by Carol Schiff, 8c10" Oil

What could be cheerier on a cold snowy day that a bright red flower painting?  Geraniums are always a favorite in my home.  This one is painted on stretched canvas and looks fantastic in a bold black frame.

Purchase here
150 + shipping

This will brighten up even the darkest, most boring corner of your home.

Once again, my goal was to keep my colors clean and bright and my strokes simple and bold. I think I achieved my goals in this flower painting

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Small Floral Still Life, "Rose of Sharon" by Carol Schiff

A small floral still life of blooms from my garden in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.  I set them on the window sill with natural light streaming in from behind.


These pinks, blues, purples and greens are really my favorite colors.  I think they give a very soothing feeling to this small floral still life.